Our Goal

Refugee Outreach International assists refugees in the US and internationally to successfully settle in their current or new locations.

By providing assistance geared toward fostering independence, ROI aims to give refugees access to the tools that will help them move forward in their new life. Our approach is unique, as we focus on each individual' circumstances, to help design assistance tailored to their needs.

 One of our goals is to provide an online learning platform to help refugees all over the world improve their English. For now, we offer scholarships for adults, in a learning setting adapted to their situation.

We are also facilitating remote tutoring for children. Some have spent years in refugee camps, with limited to no education. We help them get back to being confident students. By doing so, we hope to inspire them to further their education, apply to college, and be on their way to lead successful and fulfilling lives.

ROI believes that refugees have the right to feel comfortable wherever they must go. For many, the language barrier is one of the biggest obstacles to education, finding jobs, and advocating for oneself. ROI is working hard to make sure that no refugee ever feels less than. .


Our Approach

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