Our Goal

     Refugee Outreach International assists refugees in the US and internationally to successfully settle in their current or new locations.

     By providing online, interactive English classes, ROI helps refugees assimilate to the United States and feel more comfortable communicating with people all around their new localities. Many refugees that come to the States are unable to proficiently write and read in their native language, making it even more difficult to learn English. Our classes are taught by professionals that specialize in teaching English to those both with and without such skills in their native tongue.

     Using an online platform, ROI is able to help refugees all over the world improve their English. Students can be children or adults, and our experts take care in helping them obtain this imperative skill when it comes to adjusting.

     ROI believes that refugees have the right to feel comfortable wherever they must go. For many, the language barrier is one of the biggest obstacles to doing so. ROI takes pride in its efforts to bring this skill to all in an accessible and effective way.


Meet the founders


Huda Shanawani

head shot OTR.Rana Shanawani

Rana Shanawani


Nadege Nicoll